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"At a point in my career when I felt stuck and lacking hope, the coaching sessions with Bernardine allowed me to clarify my areas of stress and determine specific actions for moving ahead.  I appreciated Bernardine's affirming and supportive demeanor as well as her tenaciousness in our conversations." 




  • My mind is going 100 mph while juggling my responsibilities…
  • I'm overwhelmed with this project and  I don’t know where to begin…
  • This transition is harder to make than I thought…
  • I’m feeling off balance and out of step with my  values…
  • I don’t have enough time for the things and people I love and care about...






  • Calming the overwhelm and having healthy balance!
  • Feeling joy as you  live in sync with your values!
  • Living in the freedom of being YOU!
  • Spending time with the people and passions you love and care about! 

 Dr. Craig Loving

 I was a pastor for 30 years. Ten years ago, I transitioned into counseling. Through training and experience, I know a lot about deeper listening and counseling. When I signed up to be coached by Bernardine, I got to sit in the client’s chair and experience a pro asking powerful questions, and listening deeply to me. 

Bernardine is an awesome coach! Insightful, collaborative, creative! Not only did she help me get clear about the obstacles and detours I’d allowed myself to settle for, she nudged me to make clear action plans to address them.  I can still hear her asking, “What would it look like if you took that step?”  

At my parents 50th wedding anniversary a great friend of mine said, “Your parents have lived life, not let life live them.”    It’s easy to be stuck in the fast pace of life, a to do list that is longer than the space we have to write it, calendars that fill up faster than we can blink our eyes or uncertainty of what options to choose as we make changes and transitions.  Thinking about change sometimes leaves us stuck.  Yet, we don’t have to remain in the overwhelm and uncertainty.  We have the option “to live life, not let life live us”.  "Helping you put your Best Foot Forward."    B. Eckelkamp  





The Diving Whisperer

Calming the Overwhelm and Moving Forward

 Three Steps to Get Unstuck and Gain Clarity


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